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Jane Baker Foot + Ankle Specialist

Consultations are available in clinic and online

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Working with leading foot and ankle surgeons and podiatrists, Jane Baker specialises in treatment and rehabilitation of foot and ankle conditions. Currently, physiotherapy appointments take place in clinic in Central London and via video link..

Benefits of video consultations :

Research studies show that this form of assessment and treatment can be just as effective as in-person appointments and have high patient satisfaction.

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Video consultations work really well. This is what one of my patients said after a session: "thank you!!!! Our session the other day was definitely helpful - potentially life changing in fact - am determined to follow the programme and fix this thing" - JD
"I met Jane via the Gait and Posture Centre. Simon (podiatrist) had managed to delay a double bunion op through non-surgical options for many years but we had reached the point where it had to be done. I am terrified of anything medical and I had read many bad accounts of bunion surgery so wasn’t in a good place when I met Jane. Now, 8 months post-op my feet are better than they have been in years, thanks in very large part to Jane (alongside the consultant of course). You come across people in life with passions that drive them and enthuse them and when you talk to them they take them with you. Jane is one of those people and her passion is feet! She was so fascinated in my feet when we met, that her excitement combined with her experience and knowledge took the fear away. I was so well prepared with what to expect at every stage after the op and had exercises to do before, that I just got on with it. I have seen her regularly in those 8 months and progress has been fairly steady. Checking in with her makes me confident I’m doing what I need to do and the reward at the end of each session of being stretched and manipulated is the most amazing foot massage. I never fail to leave walking and feeling better than when I went in. And she even advised a local non-foot specialist physio who I had to see when I couldn’t get to London frequently in the first month or so after the op, so they were better informed on this particular recovery. Because of the virus we can’t meet face to face at the moment but we’ve just done a great video consultation during which Jane was able to advise me and again i feel more confident for having ‘seen’ her. I didn’t think it would work as well as it did although sadly, the massage doesn’t work by video at all... She is always there if I need her, she treats me holistically and not just the feet - advice on shoes, general exercise options, mental wellbeing etc. I feel very lucky to have her in my ‘squad’ and could not recommend her more highly." - ED