Jane Baker Phsiotherapy Services London 2Jane Baker is a chartered physiotherapist with more than 23 years of experience working in private practice treating a multitude of injuries. She has worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in private practice in some leading sports and spinal clinics in the USA and UK and spent 10 years in private practice in the USA.
She has extensive experience treating injuries with an emphasis on treating the cause of the injury not just the symptoms in order to facilitate speedy return to activity, whether is it is high level sport, or simply walking, moving correctly and without pain.

She has a commitment to practicing to the highest professional standards, with the simple principle of a thorough assessment to determine the problem and underlying cause. She then creates a treatment plan incorporating extensive manual therapy skills and specific exercises to facilitate fast return to activity. It is clear that many injuries are created by issues in other areas of the body and Jane uses her assessment skills to address these areas as well.

Over the years Jane has developed a specialist interest in treating foot and ankle conditions. These include pre and post surgical rehabilitation, plantar fasciitis, “painful feet”, Morton’s Neuroma, bunions. Jane also treats tendon, joint and bone injuries with a particular interest in the more challenging foot. Foot problems can also cause problems in the knees, hip and back and treatment will also address these issues. Jane works closely with several leading London foot and ankle surgeons and has completed many post graduate courses.

Jane uses her combined skills and knowledge to provide elite professional care for all individuals, whether they need help with sporting injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, pain or postural problems. Her clients include athletes in a range of sports, ultramarathon runners, military personnel, weekend warriors, actors and dancers, people with neurological issues, skiers, tennis players, new mums and desk-bound workers – all treatments tailored to the individual needs of the client.
She has played tennis and lacrosse to county level and skis, rock climbs and kite surfs (along with many other sports) to a very proficient level. She therefore understands the frustration of injury and the importance of returning to sport whilst preventing recurrence of the injury.

She works very closely with, and is well respected by local surgeons and GPs and she also works closely with podiatrists, personal trainers, massage therapists, speech and occupational therapist to provide the client with the optimal treatment plan. She will also recommend a medical referral if she thinks this is appropriate for further investigations. This ensures complete care of the patient.

Jane has written several information booklets on physiotherapy and uses her skills from many post-graduate courses to ensure the client receives the best possible care.

Her guiding philosophy – “No Challenge Too Great” – is immediately apparent upon meeting her.