Specialising in Foot and Ankle mechanics, injuries and rehabilitation

There are numerous conditions which could contribute to Foot and Ankle pain.

This might be foot pain related to surgery, altered foot biomechanics, metatarsalgia, ‘’flat feet’’, bunions or arthritis, achilles tendinopathy and rehabilitation after achilles tendon repair.
Some patients might have a difficult recovery after a surgery or fracture, Morton’s neuroma, cuboid syndrome – all of which can be debilitating.

Surgery may be inevitable, but it can often be very useful to have physiotherapy before surgery to help prepare for post operative rehabilitation.

Here is an opportunity to be seen by a specialist physiotherapist who works with foot and ankle conditions who will assess you and talk you through your condition and prepare a treatment program.

It is important to note that some conditions in the feet can be related to other issues in the back, hip, knee or even the thoracic spine. These areas will also be assessed when you see Jane.

Jane also works closely with several experienced podiatrists. Amanda Lau, specialist musculoskeletal podiatrist at Physio Remedies in The Lansdowne Club, Mayfair and Simon Costain at The Gait and Posture Centre in Harley Street.